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Lump in tooth socket



Junior member
Dec 10, 2021

Around 8 weeks I had an upper premolar removed as I had a sinus tract above the tooth which regularly drained. The tooth had previously had a large filling which had fallen out and due to being scared of the dentist I didn't go and see them and the outside of the tooth then began cracking. I finally went to the dentist about the lump on my gum which would regularly drain pus and he said it was a sinus tract and due to their being little remaining tooth he removed it.

The extraction was quite difficult - my understanding from what the dentist said is that he managed to get all of the visible tooth out but he was then struggling with the roots within the gum. This went on for around 25-30 minutes and he then 'gowned up' and got a drill out and I believe drilled my roots into three separate pieces to get each one out? It was all quite traumatic for me so I can't fully remember what he said happened.

Anyway - socket appeared to heal ok, I felt like it took a long time but the dentist had advised that it would took longer to heal than usual. The sinus tract was present for the first week or so and then disappeared completely. However, in the last 1-2 weeks I have felt a soft lump directly in the tooth extraction site. I am scared that it is the sinus tract now appearing in the tooth socket rather than on the gum where it was previously, could this happen? It doesn't hurt, I can press down on it and nothing comes out of it. There will be some days where it doesn't seem to be there at all but then other days where I can feel it with my tongue. In addition I can see on the gum where the sinus tract was, it's like a little white scar but it does lead down to the edge of the tooth socket. Is this actually the sinus tract draining in the tooth socket?

Any ideas? I know I probably need to go to the dentist but I'm scared he will tell me it is the sinus tract and it's another tooth that needs removing!


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
The sinus tract will not reform in the socket. Soft lump could be granulation tissue. Could be a bit of bone working its way out since the dentist had to remove bone to get the root out, did they tell you if they got all the root out? if not then it might be a piece working its way to the surface.