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Lump on gum, not sure what it is



Junior member
Mar 21, 2023

About 3 months ago I developed a lump at the bottom of my outer gums near my bottom right pre molar.

My inital worry was an abscess as I have a few fillings near that area. I've been two times to my dentist since the lump appeared as he's not sure what it is, he suggested maybe a blocked salivary gland but didn't sound convincing. One X-ray 3 months ago, and another a few weeks ago. X-rays shows no infection, teeth above still react to cold etc.

Not sure what the next step is, the lump seems to be growing slightly over time and I'm worried it could be something more sinister? Early 30s, never smoked and minimal alcohol intake if thats relevant.

It's not painful unless I prod at it too much, it's kind of semi soft texture. The lump isn't visible to the eye so it wouldn't show in any picture I could take of it.
Next step is go back to your dentist. Ask for a referral if he doesn't know what it is.