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lump on roof of mouth more to the right side



Junior member
Aug 1, 2016
I have a lump on the roof of my mouth It was soft for about 2days but went hard just before I went to the dentist I was given 2 different antibiotics to take together for 5days from the dentist I have now finished them but the lump hasn't gone I had a little swelling on my check before taking the antibiotics but has now gone I'm not in any pain , what could it be or haven't the antbotics worked it was amoxacillin and metronazadol or something like that
Hi :welcome:to the forum.

Yes the antibiotics will have worked, you need to return to the dentist for a rct or extraction as the infection is only dormant until the dentist treats it.

The antibiotics calm the infection down so that you can be numbed for the procedure, antibiotics do not cure an abscess it needs further treatment. :butterfly:
I have the same thing, but on my left side. At first I did not even know I had a problem. I had no pain and as I have a partial denture I thought the lump was just a blister or something. Then one day I notice thick puss coming from my gums above my molar next to my k-9, this was 4 weeks ago. I went to the dentist and sure enough it was an abscess, so he gave me some Metronidazole (I cant have penicillin) and sent me on my way. a week later the lump was not gone, was still draining a mix of thick puss and clear yellow fluid, so I went back. He had a look and said the infection was gone and to come back in 2 weeks if the fluid has not gone. well the fluid is not gone but its only the clear yellow stuff now. so I went to see him yesterday. again he could not see an infection by just looking, so he did a x-ray and a cold test on my teeth. it turns out that my abscess is spread across 4 teeth, from the front tooth next to my k-9 (which turned out to be dead) to the second molar from my k-9. I'm now on Metronidazole (I really hate the stuff lol) again for a week, then i have to go back to have the dead tooth removed and maybe root canal on the others :(

My advice is if it don't fully clear up after the pills to go back asap and request an xray to be done to x
Antibiotics will not cure an abscess they will calm things down enough for you to be made numb in order to either extract the teeth or preform a rct.

They always need the dentist to treat infected teeth along with medicine. :butterfly: