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Lump(s) in mouth. Unsure if they are normal or not?



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Aug 12, 2015
Sorry if this sounds like a silly question. I feel like an idiot for worrying over this but I'm sure many of you with health and dental anxiety will sadly know what I'm going through.

I've seen my dentist twice in the last four months. Once for a filling repair and then for my check up. I'm due to go again in March.

I've noticed this lump thing whenever I stick my tongue out and when I look near the back of my mouth. The first pic attached is the view when I stick my tongue out and I managed to find a pic from a few years ago for comparison and second pic is how it looks when my tongue isn't sticking out from either side. The lump on the left side is a lot bigger than the right and seems to have gotten bigger from 2011.

Dentist never mentioned it at my check up in November and I know it was there but thought nothing of it until recently. It's not painful.

I'm just wondering what these lumps are? And if I should put an appt on with my doc or dentist or just wait until my check up in March?

Such a worry wart :/



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Is that your tonsils? You could ask your doctor to take a look if that’s easier.
Sorry missed this! Those are tonsillar tissue. Normal :)