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lumps, Bumps and Ulcers



Junior member
Aug 2, 2015

I am a really anxious person & always seem to get ulcers in my mouth, when I am tired, stressed or run down.

Recently, I have had a ulcer on my upper front right tooth that just doesn't want to go.

Above it there is a raised red area which is really starting to concern me.

Yesterday I noticed a large lump behind my top front teeth and it seems to be quite sore.

I have had this ulcer on my front tooth for just coming up to 3 weeks now & I'm having a bit of a panic.

Please can someone give me some insight on what I should be looking for if it is something sinister or should I start worrying even more now?

Thanks in advance



Well-known member
Forum Buddy
Jan 5, 2012
Hi pixie27 :welcome: to the forum.

Firstly don't get all in a panic but do go and see your dentist as it might be a bit of infection. If it is it can be easily dealt with by the dentist.

I am also an anxious person but I find the worry and stress I go through being worried about things are never as bad as I think they are.

I hope you can manage to make an appointment soon and put your mind at rest and get the problem sorted out. :butterfly: