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Luton - Leagrave Dental Sedation Clinic



Oct 23, 2007
Just would like to recommend - Luton - Bedfordshire - Leagrave Dental Sedation Clinic

More info and contact details Here -https://www.leagravedental.co.uk

NHS Based - + IV Sedation

had quite a bit of work done there and i totaly recommend them, friendly and patient


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I second this recommendation... Have been going to these guys for my recent work and although I'm still terrified they are very sympathetic and although the sedation doesn't work well on me, they've always done a great job of my teeth (I think I just don't take to sedation too well) and I'd highly recommend them for nervous patients!
Not sure what this is worth, but thought I should share it with fellow phobics ...

I have recently been to a dentist in Hertfordshire who appears to be highly qualified, reputable etc. When I mentioned I had previously had sedation at a clinic in Luton, he immediately asked if my treatment was at the LDSC (it wasn't). He clearly didn't rate their dental work etc very highly.

I didn't get the impression he was saying it just for the sake of it, and he had nothing to gain as this wasn't where I previously received dental treatment.