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Made an appointment to remove bottom wisdom tooth, Im really scared



Junior member
Aug 26, 2014
Hi! Im new here and just came across this forum,

Normally Im usually really anxious when going to the dentist and I have an appointment the day after tomorrow to have a impacted wisdom tooth removed.

Just to think about it is making me sick and I cant stop crying. I have no idea how Im going to be able to walk into the dentist knowing Im having to have my wisdom tooth removed.

Ive been seeing posts about the local anaesthesia that for the bottom teeth it is a lot more painful as well as the bottom tooth removal is a lot more complicated than the top teeth.

I have no idea how to cope with this Im so scared. I can barely see the wisdom tooth and just the thought of what the dentist might have to do to extract the tooth is worrying me so much. I guess watching videos about what the dentists do when removing wisdom teeth wasnt such a good idea.

I already had the top wisdom teeth removed and it wasnt that complicated but afterwards I could barely open my mouth because or even sleep because of the pain. Im getting really worried. I spent the last month trying to forget I had the appointment and now its starting to feel real.

Does anyone have any words of encouragement or anything? I really dont know what to do anymore. Im afraid I might jump out of the chair the moment I see the needle near my mouth or not even be able to go inside the clinic.

I won't lie to you, I know nothing about wisdom teeth. I don't think mine have come in yet. I do empathize with you about being afraid. Have to tried asking the dentist to not let you see the needle? That may help! I know that when I finally get the gumption to get my fillings, I will ask for that. Maybe you could take a friend or significant other with you for moral support. I know that you can do this! :thumbsup:
I'm not going to lie to you and say it's going to be a piece of cake... because everyone is different. And no matter what you read here or see on videos, remember each case is different. And know that complications and difficulty in removing wisdom teeth are the exception not the norm. You only hear and read about the worst cases because they make for more interesting stories.

I had all four taken out last month in one sitting. Three were easy. One of them a small piece broke and was a little hard to get out, but I wasn't in any pain or freaked out about it. (Please note my bottom wisdom teeth were really decayed, so it wasn't at all surprising that the tooth broke into pieces.) All four took about 20 minutes -- the last one took up 75% of that time. And whoever said having local anesthesia on your bottom teeth "hurt more" is lying to you. If your dentist knows what they're doing, it shouldn't hurt at all. (They usually numb your gums a bit before injecting you.) I had about 6-8 injections (I seriously lost count because there were so many) in one sitting all over my mouth, not a single one hurt and my dentist started by numbing my back bottom teeth.

Relax. If you have Xanax or Valium, I'd take one now to help you sleep. And then take another one 1-2 hours before your appointment so you don't cry or panic on your way to the dentist.

You'll be OK, and, remember, you'll never have to go through that experience again. :)

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