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made appt



Jan 20, 2011
new jersey
i made the appointment i go monday at 9am. let's hope i don't chicken out.
Good Job Kathy!!! I think probably 90% of people on this site report that the
anxiety far outweighs the actual experience...

You will be fine...and soooo happy you finally started on this path..
I don't know, but for me it is such a sense of accomplishment, and I am
so proud to have taken the steps to move toward healthy teeth.

After a couple of appts, I went from whole body shaking to happy and laughing with the staff!

Good luck to you and great news!!!

P.S.--needles don't hurt at all anymore--just don't look and you won't even hardly notice!
thanks for the support i will let you know how i make out when i go. my mom is going with me. i talked to them when i made the appointment and they handle nervous patients and i told them that it has been awhile since i have been to the dentist and they said that they numb topically before they put the needle in if that is what i have to have done. i am so proud that i made the appt i just hope i don't cancel it is just that the broken teeth made me nervous and that i should have something done about them.
i also want to thank everyone for being so nice to me on here. i also would like to think that i made some friends on here. and once i start going for my regular checkups i will still post on here to keep everyone updated on my progress.
I have to agree with k bird 100% my imagination far outweighs the actual experince. and also agree about the needle thing I'm a huge phobic of needles and i close my eyes pretend im in a far away place and half the time she is finished and telling me to rinse and i don't even know lol
i am back from the dentist i have to get 5 teeth pulled and i have to get some fillings.
is there anything special you have to do the night before an extraction.
is there anything special you have to do the night before an extraction.

With local anaesthetic, no not that I am aware of. Just try to relax and agree a stop signal with your dentist. Were they friendly...you didn't say much?
the assistant was nice to me and i had a little problem with the second set of xrays they did. but other wise everything went well. my mom was with me in the room but not when they did the xrays.
i go for the first extraction today at 11am. i hope that it won't be painful i am asking for the numbing gel first. i will keep you posted later if i am not in pain. i am bringing my head phones with me to try to keep my mind occupied. i am only getting one tooth done at a time so hopefully it won't be bad. everyone that i talked to at work said that i would be fine.
after i come home and i feel up to it i will start a journal on here.
Hope everything went ok for you.
yes it did. only took a half hour.

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