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Made it through my first front teeth fillings! Recap of consulatation and both filling appointments



Feb 11, 2017
Made it through my first front teeth fillings! Recap of consulatation and both filling appointments

I posted here before after my first appointment worried I would need a root canal during my second. I never needed one as the drilling didn't get that close to my nerve.

Anyway, for those that didn't read my other post I will post everything here.

I'm new to this forum, but I'm 24 and afraid of getting bad news in any medical office. (like going to a regular doctor, dentist, or even going to my neurosurgeons office growing up for a condition I've had since I was little.) I'm also afraid of needles when ever I get a filling or that I will lose my teeth.

I moved away in May after I finished college and ended up missing my dentist appointment in July. I went during Thanksgiving in November when I was back with family. Then I found out I needed an old filling in a molar replaced due to decay in December when I would be back next. Before then I had a chip between one of my middle bottom front incisors. I told the dentist about it when I came in for that filling, but all he did was attempt to smooth it out with a drill. Well....last month it chipped more and I got scared and asked for help finding a new dentist where I am at now that would pay attention to me. I was also more worried, because my dentist had ignored a chip on the corner of my right outer lower incisor that I got 7 years ago. That one had since gotten a lot worse and I had almost an 8th of my tooth missing.

I went to my new dentist and he told me that not only did I have those chips, but I also had cavities in between all 4 of my lower incisors that needed to be filled. He also saw that apparently the dentist missed a cavity in the side of my molar right next to the one I just had filled in December. I got scared, because I knew composite doesn't last forever and I didn't want to end up getting a root canal. I was also frustrated, because not only did my old dentist ignore my one chip for 7 years, but he made the other one worse, and missed the cavities on the xray. I had complained about sensitivity for years and I now know why I had it. I was very happy with how compassionate the dentist was though, as well as the receptionist and the hygienist that did my xrays. (I'm not a fan of xrays either, especially since I had to get a CT Scan and chest xrays earlier last year, because I have a shunt for hydrocephalus. Then I already had dental xrays in November. Yet they had to give me a panorex and bitewings at this appointment also).

Last Monday I had the molar filled as will as the lower left incisors filled and the cavity between the 2 middle incisors. My uncle told me to suggest laughing gas so I did. It didn't help me relax very much, just made me light headed every once in a while. The assistant walked me to the room and put the gas on. The office knew of my fears from my first appointment so another assistant and both hygienists even came into the room to tell me everything was going to be fine. The assistant even gave me a stress ball to hold. When the assistant started giving the injections I started to get scared again, despite being light headed from the gas. She just told me "you're doing awesome" and to "keep breathing". (not sure if she was just trying to make me feel less bad about being scared, but she said a lot of people don't breathe during the shots) I remember wondering during the whole thing if I would still have my front teeth when I was done with it. (that and the noise of the drills always makes me nervous). When the dentist finished, the assistant showed me my teeth in the mirror and said "you were so brave". I was really happy to see they were perfect. Just really nervous about breaking the composite fillings since apparently they had to go really deep on them....

Then on Monday of this week I had my second appointment. They did the big chip on my far right incisor as well as touched up the molar and other incisors. I was scared about the big chipped incisor, because he said it was close to needing a root canal. They gave me laughing gas again, which again didn't help too much, but the assistant that did the injections again was understanding and told me to keep breathing. I feel like they gave me twice as many shots as last time, because they had to touch up the other fillings including the one in the molar. I had a later appointment, so a different assistant came in to help the dentist with the rest. She met me before so she understood my anxiety. She kept saying, "good job bud" and "you're doing great". She even made a some jokes to help me not be as scared. Like when she saw me wiggling my toes (something I do to help my anxiety) she said "I see you tapping your foot. Are you a dancer?". I know it sounds dumb, but I really appreciate that everyone in this dentist tried to make me feel at ease.

Part of the reason why I was really scared about this appointment was because I knew I had the chips as well as cavities in between. I knew they were going to have to drill a lot around my teeth and was afraid I would lose a lot. I was also afraid of the really chipped one needing a root canal. All of my teeth ended up looking great, except I can tell the biggest chipped one wasn't built all the way back up. It is still missing a corner, but it's really smooth now and filled in like a normal tooth.

I'm just really scared because they still feel somewhat sensitive. I'm also afraid of the tooth not lasting as long since it's composite filling material. I'm afraid that more than the composite will wear away and that it may not always be fixable. I'm very happy that I actually found a dentist that didn't ignore the chipped teeth though. I'm also thankful that they care and don't look at me weird for being nervous at appointments. I even called back to ask if there was a better toothpaste to use for composite fillings. (I've been using a sensitivity toothpaste for 7 years ever since I chipped the one tooth. I was worried it would wear away the new fillings.). When I called the receptionist gave great recommendations for toothpaste and told me I was their favorite patient. (Not sure if they were being sarcastic or not, because I was anxious during my appointments. I did tell them after each appointment how appreciative I was of them for listening to be and being so caring. So maybe she was telling the truth that they liked having me as a patient. I just don't want to be a burden.)

Sorry for the long story, but I just wanted some advice about the situation. Does anyone else have trouble trusting another dentist after being lied to? Everyone who works in my new dentists office is really nice, but I'm just nervous because my other one ignored me for 7 years. My dental anxiety wasn't too bad before, but now it's worse due to hearing I was lied to. Also, does anyone else prefer to be talked to calmly by dentists and assistants? I feel like I'm "dumb" or a "baby" for having to have someone slow down and talk me through the process, but it really helps.

Thanks again for any feedback.