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Made the 1st step, now terrified and confused.



Junior member
Jun 3, 2016
Hi all,

This is my first post, so I'll try and keep it short.

I'm 30 and live in London. I've had a terrible fear of the dentist since I was a child, to the extent that at the age of 9 my parents couldn't make me go.

My teeth are in awful condition, and 6 years ago I had a root canal and then a partial 1 tooth denture fitted. this was supposed to be a temporary fix, the dentist wanted to put in an implant but the root canal had just made my fear worse, so I never went back.

Over the years my teeth have got worse, and today I took a huge step and went to an NHS dentist. I had a complete breakdown as soon as I walked in. I calmed down enough for him to look in my mouth and see what needed doing, but only with a mirror. He is referring me to an NHS clinic to have 11 teeth (including 5 front teeth) out under sedation. He then said I would have to wait 5 weeks to come back to him and have the rest of my teeth cleaned and dentures made. I found him quite judgemental, his parting shot was that he couldn't understand how someone my age had got into a situation where I was loosing most of my teeth.

I was so desperate to get out of there that I didn't ask any questions, so just wondered if anyone knew the answers.

He's told me that I'll have all 11 teeth out on the same day.. is this normal?
Will my 1st appointment at the clinic be just an assessment, or will they do the extractions straight away?
I work in customer service, so the thought of working with no front teeth is terrible, I know my current teeth are bad, but none at all? Do I really have to wait 5 weeks to go back and get him to make dentures? can they not give me a temporary denture just for the front teeth at least?

Sorry for the rant... it's been an emotional day.


Well-known member
May 6, 2016
please please look for a second opinion. That guy doesn't sound like a good fit for you. There are non judgemental ones out there and maybe they can talk you through a better exam that might yield a better outcome. Maybe it won't...but you at least deserve a dentist that is kind and makes you comfortable.