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Major pain a week after extractions



Junior member
Feb 3, 2017
About a week ago I had two teeth pulled. One on the upper right side and one on the lower right side. They just did both at once. I also had a lot of numbing shots. I've had extractions before that never hurt for this long, but now a week later and I still can't shake the pain. No pain medications help and I'm already on an antibiotic so I don't think it's infected. It feels like the pain is coming from my gums where I had the numbing injections. Is the pain and swelling coming from that or the extraction site? I'm supposed to get another pulled next week, but I can't handle the throbbing pain anymore and now I'm scared to let him touch my teeth again.


Well-known member
Verified dentist
Sep 3, 2016
United States
The most likely cause of continuing pain a week after an extraction is a dry socket. They happen on a somewhat frequent basis after a tooth extraction. It will go away on it's own given some time. I would avoid having the over side done until this one has calmed down though.