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MAJOR panic attacks about teeth extraction. Need help ASAP.



Sep 20, 2017
I am getting all four of my wisdom teeth removed in 4 days... All are impacted. I am going to be under moderate oral sedation, and laughing gas. But I am terrified! I know anxiety makes oral sedation less effective, which actually made me more scared that I'll be too aware. I originally wanted GA or Twilight but I decided against it for several reasons and can't change it now. Does anyone know any ways to get and keep myself calm? I thought about taking a sleep mask to make sure I don't see anything that scares me. But I still need help calming down before hand.


Junior member
Dec 17, 2017
Hey. Just wanted to say that you should sit down and think about what are you scared about the most. It's easier to relax when you focus exactly on the causes of your anxiety. I had two teeth extracted and I was mortified before going to get it done. I postponed the procedure like 4 times before the pain got unbearable. HOWEVER - I felt literally nothing. I had no laughing gas, just standard anesthetic. The shots never hurt me, but I'm used to needles because I had a lot of injections done because of my allergies. Anyways, after I got my numbing shots, my heart rate was like 200. My doc took the tool, put it to my tooth and asked if I feel anything. I didn't so I just shook my head, and he just wiggled the tool back and forth, and bam, tooth out. I felt my heart rate go back to normal, I remember thinking "really? that's it?". So yeah, don't let your anxiety sink in so deeply. I do realise that wisdom teeth are trickier to extract, but as I said, you won't feel anything more than slight discomfort at worst. To be honest, my extractions went better and less painful than getting fillings done. But I just hate the drill so that might be too subjective. Sorry for poor form of the post but I'm drunk, I keep my fingers crossed for you!


Junior member
Dec 23, 2017
North Wales
I had to have a tooth extraction on 20 December and was terrified, due to my fear of dentist.
i had palpitations, dizziness, sweating on 25min drive there. I usually meditate to calm down but was in to much of a panic, plus a week of pain beforehand.
I can only advise you on your journey there, to try and close your eyes n imagine a beach or a beautiful waterfall, to calm you. You could also try Buteyko breathing, which is breathing in and out from your nose only. It was developed for asthmatic people and slows the heart rate down.
i don’t panic in the dentist chair, but can meditate then, it’s the build up of actually going.
Ive had wisdom teeth out and if they’re impacted, your dentist will have all the right instruments ready. You shouldn’t feel a thing, but make sure you have analgesics at home for when the anaesthesia wears off.
i hope you can calm down a bit and let us know how it’s going after please.
PS just keep your eyes closed, no need for an eye mask.