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Major toothache!



Feb 4, 2013
Hi guys, long time menber, infrequent poster...
On Thursday out of nowhere, i started haveing pains on 1 of my lower back teeth(not wisdom)
Friday was a bit on/off
Saturday and Sunday was absolute hell.
Just a constant throbbing pain, that gets worse with warm food... But weirdly didnt react to bite... I could bite on it fine if needed.
Today, completely different, it hurts so much, just to the touch. I cant even touch it with my finger.
Dont know if its my imagination, but i swear it sits higher too, as i cant close my mouth tightly as it touches my upper teeth... Painkillers dont even take the edge off.
Anyway, i have an appointment tomorrow, and i never thought id see the day i was looking forward to going! ?
But i dont like going in blind...
Does anyone have any ideas what I could be looking at and ant potential treetment? Is there any situation where they will just send me away with antibiotics and all will be well..? ?
Tooth genuinly looks fine.

Thanks, Dean
Hi Dean! I’m not a dentist but this sounds like nerve pain to me. Which could mean root canal? From what I’ve read when your tooth hurts that bad that painkillers can’t touch it, that could be an infection. Antibiotics can’t get rid of the infection completely as the bacteria will still be in your tooth until it is removed by root canal.

It could be something else too although I’m not sure what. Good luck to you, let us know how it goes
Hi, so after 4 days of agonising pain, i woke up this morning to barely any...
Got to the dentist, had a look, took a couple if xrays, and basicly told me nothing was wrong...
He said the tooth was fine , tge gum was fine, the current filling was fine...
Said it could just be a 'Flair up'...
Does this sound right?
Asked me if i grind my teeth at all.

Did say that if it dors give my anymore hassle, will have to either be removed or rooy canal..

I feel none the wiser tbh...

And what exactly is a root canal and why do people get so worked up.. ?

A root canal is really no big deal, if you do end up needing one. They have a bad reputation, but my recent root canal was more relaxing to me than my recent teeth fillings! They clean out the pulp of your tooth basically. You shouldn’t feel a thing during the procedure though.

Hopefully the pain stays away and you don’t need any further treatment. I’ve definitely had some tooth pain when clenching or grinding my teeth a lot, although usually nothing that over the counter pain meds can’t touch.

Sounds like good news for now!
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@deano85 I'm glad the pain has settled for now. I wonder if the tooth felt high whether there could have been food trapped between 2 teeth pushing one out of line a little. This can be very sore and if all back to normal now then it may have cleared with brushing and saliva/drinking fluids. Do you use floss or interdental brushes at all? If you do then just keep and eye to make sure nothing builds up there and if you don't then might be worth starting just to prevent buildup and decay if that was what it was.

If it turns out to be something more along the lines of decay that you have just detected early and cannot be seen by your dentist or on xray then it could need a root treatment. Basically it is just a deep filling that goes down your roots and not just into the crown of the tooth which sits above the gum.

This should be as comfortable as getting a filling. The negative press come from when people have infected teeth and do not go numb well and yet for some reason treatment proceeds anyway. I personally would not continue in this instance as I feel a patient that is jumpy due to pain won't get the level of treatment I'd like to provide. Obviously there must be some who have proceeded, possibly because they have tried all other options or at the request of the patient... Who knows?! The point is that for most people it won't be an issue other than keeping your mouth open for longer than a routine filling!! As is life though we don't tend to hear about the positive experiences of root canal fillings... They don't make for such newsworthy stories!

Hopefully whatever caused your pain is settled now and you don't need any further treatment anyway just now??

Thanks for the replys.
It felt far more painfull than food... Although it did feel a little higher.
Could it really make it that painfull as i was on ibuprofen and paracetamol for 4 days and it barely took the edge off... A throbbing which went right to the tip of my tooth... And it was so sensitive/painfull that even touching it with my finger was a no no...
I really hope your right and it was food or grinding in my sleep...

Tbh, i dont know about grinding, but i do tend to 'clench', especially in my sleep... Woukd this maybe have the same effect?
Thanks again
@deano85 either one (food packing or clenching/grinding... They tend to be very similar in pain and issues caused) could be putting extra pressure on the tooth and cause significant pain. I've had patients with both issues unable to sleep from sensations caused. It's just another possibility as there was nothing obvious to the dentist. If it was an upper tooth I'd question your sinuses too but as its a lower I'm at a loss to give you any other possibilities.
Hi guys, day 9 of toothache... Seems ok ish during the day, but usualky wakes me up about 3am...
Pain is diffefent now though, seems a dull ache down my my jaw, and i can feel it when i swallow... Keep kidding myself its geting better, then i go to bed lol.
To be fair, my 'tooth' does feel better, its my jaw... I dont suppose dentists will give out antibiotics on a whim will they, and fearfull i i phone, its the kiss of death for a tooth they say nothing is wrong with...

Is it relevant that its worse during night? Maybe i am grinding??

And thanks for the replys, its good to chat to an actual dentist as i dont feel like i can hang around chatting, as there's alway a que and hurried
Hi guys, everything seems to have settled down a lot in the last couple of days... The tooth no longer hurts... Buts its allowed me to see exactly what hurts.
Under the tooth, run your finger down and you have the hard gum, under that you have tge softer bit, almost under my tongue... It basicly feels bruised, looks a darker red, and 'twinges' if i move my tongue to the extremes.
Could this be an infection? Or simply a bruise maybe bought on by clenching that turned funny?
Being so far below the tooth, and having been told the tooth is fine, it seems silly pulling it or driling it which is my fear now.

Any ideas?
Got an appointment thurs
@deano85 I'm. Glad things seemed to have settled down a bit. I've been keeping your situation in mind and thinking what else it could be. I have to say I haven't seen bruising or change in colouration due to grinding.
Please take a picture of this as clearly as you can for your dentist as if it has resolved by Thursday then you will at least be able to show them what's going on.
If a tooth has been injured in any way (whether from trauma, grinding or whatever initially caused the pain) then it can definitely take a while for the pain to resolve.
I am just concerned, however, that this could be a draining sinus position wise but this is very unlikely as you reported that the xray was clear. If it gets a white pimple like appearance then make a note of it. Also if you get a bad taste or pus looks to be draining from it then please let your dentist know.
Other than that I'll just hope that it is actually resolved and your dentist can confirm that later this week.

Take care

Hi guys, sorry to drag this up again.
Pain wise its been fine since my last post, however...
The tooth does still feel funny, usually in the morning. It usually moans when i bite on it first thing, but sorts itself out usually within 15mins...it just feels odd, like it lifts by a fraction overnight, then then i start using it it settles... Its not really painfull, just anoying...

Any ideas

@deano85 sometimes when we have had discomfort or issues with a tooth it can take a good few weeks to settle down. I'm really pleased it's no longer causing you discomfort as such and hopefully this odd feeling will settle down over the coming weeks. If it doesn't then it'd be a good idea to get it checked again but give it a little time first to give it a chance to heal.

Hi guys, im not sure what to do nearly 6 weeks on... Still discomfort in the morning, problem is its not enough to push me to see a dentist, but enough to keep me in a bad mood... Plus this- https://www.dentalfearcentral.org/forum/threads/lack-of-faith-and-a-potential-crown.31787/

Its weird, within 15 mins of being awake, had some breskfast its fine. Sometimes i can feel it late evening just before bed, but its fine... Its just when i bite on it... I seriousy feel like im back to square 1 like a few years back...

Try salt water rinse this may calm it down