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Mandibular tori removal/scared to death/photos attached



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Jul 24, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
Hi! I am scheduled to have my bilateral mandibular lingual and buccal (?) tori removed under general anesthesia in a hospital setting. I am having them removed as they are affecting my oral hygiene and my speech. I also cut them all the time when eating crunchy food. I am scared to death of the pain after surgery. Any insight would be much appreciated! Photos attached.

Also, how much (if any) will this change my appearance?

Thank you!


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Hi! Leya here. You posted a note to my journal. I'm so happy to help. Don't worry a lot about the pain. I was given Norco and it completely eliminated the pain. I asked for extras (because I was so worried) and the doctor gave me 6-7 days worth. I think I only needed them regularly for the first 3 days, and then intermittently after that. I think they do make some kind of stint to cover mandibular tori--I saw something online. Ask your surgeon. The biggest problem with my surgery won't be an issue in your case--the incision splitting open. I think that complication is specific to palatial tori because the palate has such thin skin. My appearance changed for the better, although at first I was swollen. The recovery time was longer than I expected, but I have a history of healing slowly. So...just plan on being out of commission for a couple of days, home for at least a week, and then just uncomfortable for as long as it takes you to finish healing.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask! I'll check back. Best of luck!!
Thanks so much, Leya! Surgery isn't for a little over a week but I've been all over the web trying to find people's experiences. I saw the YouTube videos by the woman who had it done which was helpful. My MD said his is one of the more painful surgeries so it's got me freaked out. I appreciate your journal - I read every entry!
Hi again,
I hate it when doctors say insensitive things, like how painful it will be! I'm not the best at pain, and really, the Norco knocked it out. (Really!) It's hard because you have to keep eating and talking, so the surgical areas don't really get to rest...maybe that's what s/he was referring to, because things stay sore for a long time. But for me, there's a big difference between pain and soreness. There are different strengths to the pain meds. Maybe ask what your doctor's plan is for pain. I did, and was really reassured when he said he'd give me a higher dose if I needed it (which I didn't).
Surgery is today, on the way to the hospital!
How did it go? How are you doing?
How did your surgery go? I hope everything went smoothly and that you are doing good!

Those look terribly painful :( so glad you're getting them removed. I recently discovered that I have one too but luckily mine is super small and hopefully it won't ever get to the point it needs to be removed. So sorry you've had to go through this.

let us know how everything went please!
Hi, first time poster.

I'm 70 years old and yesterday I had two huge tori removed from both sides of my lower mouth. I'm not fearful of dentists, but I was anxious nonetheless. I had an IV so I remember it being inserted and feeling warm and then I was in the recovery room and my friend was there to take me home.

I experienced no pain. Zero. Of course my entire chin was numb as was the end of my tongue. I took some ibuprofen to ward against swelling, not because I had any pain. When I went to bed about 13 hours post-surgery, the numbness had finally worn off. Still no pain. Slept fine. Woke up a few times mostly because my head was elevated and I'd napped all afternoon.

I feel great. My mouth kinda feels like I just ate some crunchy french bread. The weirdest thing is the stitches poking out from between my teeth.

I just wanted to post about my experience to allay any fears. I had expected plenty of discomfort if not outright pain. There was none. No pain. Yay!!!!!
Hi, did this member ever come back under another name or anything? This thread is what brought me here to register actually.
Me too. I'd like to read a follow up o_O
I too have just had two tori removed from the inside of my lower jaw under my tongue. The surgery itself and the initial recovery were a breeze. It was relatively pain-free and I only need 600mg's of ibuprofen to relieve the discomfort.
I have actually had this surgery two times - once ten years ago and then again yesterday. The first time I went to an oral surgeon and paid additional fees to be put under general anesthesia because I was so scared. The recovery was not long. I am a teacher, had the surgery done over fall break, and returned to teaching the next week with minimal discomfort. Unfortunately, the tori grew back and I had them removed again. This time I opted to not be put under completely and it was fine. My mouth is tender today but I have not taken any of the pain medication they gave me other than the anti-inflammatory. The hardest part is adjusting my diet and not talking too much. I would be willing to answer questions if anyone has any. I will post before and after pictures if I can figure out how to do it.
Thank you Indybindee and Cascadegirl for recenting posting your outcomes. I am having this surgery on August 15, and have been really scared, and wanting to cancel it, but know I have to get it done.