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Mandibular Tori & X-rays


Mandibular Tori

Junior member
Apr 28, 2012
Today at a new dental office, the hygienist was taking x-rays. I have Mandibular Tori. The apparatus that they make you bite down on (whatever it is called) was extremely painful - the Mandibular Tori that I have are not too large, and I've never had such discomfort before.

Generally speaking, the hygienist should know how to properly take the x-rays without causing any pain in the patient right? Even if they have Mandibular Tori? When I mentioned the pain, she was surprised - aren't they trained to know that that area of the mouth is sensitive, and to position the plastic mouthpiece accordingly?
relax your tongue have her position closer to the center of your mouth and you should be fine. I have seen patients with tori that were treated so rough by other offices that they had ulceration over the tori.