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Manual toothbrush or electric??



Well-known member
Dec 21, 2009

I have always used a manual toothbrush and I have never had a cavity so I thought.......why change something that is working for me!
Although I am scared if I change my manual brushing to electric brushing I will end up with loads of cavities for some strange reason, I have been thinking.....what is best??
I have very overcrowded crooked teeth and also wondering if that should make a difference to my choice?

I am hopefuly gonna get braces in the near future and was wondering if I should consider changing my manual toothbrush for an elecric one due to that?...........What is the best brush to use with or without braces? There is so many to choose from now that I really could do with a bit of advice.:confused:

Generally electric brushes are a bit better if you're not very good with a manual one. If your toothbrushing isn't up to a satisfactory standard then your orthodontist will probably tell you before you get your braces on, orthodontists can be pretty anal about toothbrushing (with very good reason I might add!).