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Many problems since first check up in years!



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Dec 23, 2014
Long story short. (never mind it turned out long anyway)
1 I'm afraid of the dentist and have nasty anxiety
2 my checkup revealed 4 fillings and an extraction but x-rays could reveal more.
3 since the appointment on thurday and a bit before my teeth have been going mental.
4 I recently started brushing (started few days before my appointment) and was moved up to duraphat 5000
5 since using it, I'm noticing many more sensitivities and irritations.

Could I get back to my dentist before Christmas to check nothing is more serious and possibly get an extraction appointment and brave having it done before Christmas since I think my tooth that needs extracting is close if not already infected due to daily irritations especially towards evening into night. Any ideas on managing the pains and irritations. Am I just over thinking this. Will it all settle. Is my nerve exposed on the tooth that needs extracting. Is that serious. Am I just noticing stuff that's always been there but been uncovered since I started brushing and if so, does that. Mean it's okay until after Christmas.

I'm getting sensations of pressure, pain sharp feelings and other stuff in different areas while typing this so someone please help kill this anxiety hype. I get pressure under my tooth for extraction, pain under another when buying down. Pain in the general area of the others and almost like an itching irritation everywhere else.

I suppose my headline question is will I be okay though Christmas when there's no help out there. I think I'm just focusing heavily on mild pains from years of no checkups or brushing that have been there ages and are just getting used to the brushing or something minor. But my anxiety is keeping up its tradition of over thinking and over analysing everything and asking every what if under the sun and picking the worst case scenario because it can.
BRAINWAVE: would they mind if I went in just for to ask some questions and get advice to keep my anxiety at bay and maybe recommend some things to help.

Sorry for so many questions and ending them with dots and any dodgy spelling. On my phone and incredibly Stressed so I'm well aware this post is a mess but my grammar isn't that high on my list of priorities.

My first post here so not even sure if this is the right place for it. I have visited here a few times before but need some more personal advice so thank you in advance. I hope this community can help me as much as I have seen it help others.


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Jan 5, 2012
Hi I answer you on your other thread :butterfly: