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Many years of not going to dentist



Junior member
Feb 22, 2022
I haven’t been to the dentist in 4 plus years and now am having a toothache (old filling came out) - also have a cracked tooth that happened during Covid lockdown - I know I have to go and am very scared, any advice ?
Have a poke about on this site, there's plenty of advice and information available.
Hi @Dxm145 and welcome! As Gordon said, there’s a website attached to the forum with lots of tips, depending on what it is you’re fearful of ?. You can find some tips here:

And lots of info on different types of fears here:

And things which might help here:

Feel free to explore!

(P.S. would you like me to move your post into the “Support” section?)
Hello Dxm145,

:welcome: to DFC.. glad you are here. Like Gordon and Letsconnect said, there is so much wealth of both information and experiences on both the website and forum. You are not alone being scared to go back after not going for a bit, but you are not alone.. I've went pockets of years myself at times and find it harder to brave that step after its been some time. For me every time I can go and have a positive experience really builds the momentum. and I have plenty of opportunity for that to happen as much work as I need. But . just take one step at a time and give yourself alot of grace and credit for stepping up and wanting to get back at it. and even coming on here. You are one step closer and that is great! :grouphug:
Thanks for all the support. I am very stressed because I have an appointment scheduled but due to the pain, I may need an emergency visit.. this forum is really helping me because when I express my feelings to my boyfriend and other family members, they just say it’s my own fault because I neglected to visit the dentist. I think my anxiety started from when I was younger and my aunt would always talk about how horrible the dentist drill sounded and it would scare me. Anyway, thanks again for the positive thoughts.
Telling you that its your own fault isn't helpful in the slightest. But then I find that those who don't have experience in phobia, don't seem to understand.

There's lots of really helpful advice around the site and everyone is very supportive.

One thing I will say, is its never as bad as we think it's going to be. Try to stay calm and make sure you tell your dentist how anxious you are. Agree on a stop signal and agree what you do and don't want to be told I.e I had a filling repair a year or so ago and my dentist wasn't sure if the next tooth along had an issue, we agreed she would fix it if it did and tell me after because I'm better off not knowing sometimes, but that's just me.

Lots of luck, you'll be fine.
Thanks so much for your kind words. Reading everyone’s stories on here are really helping me. Also, thanks for the good advice, good luck to you too ?