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Mark Wilkins, Nottingham



Junior member
Jan 18, 2011
Mark Wilkins BDS,
Smilestyle Dental Centre
359 Nuthall Road

I highly recommend them to anyone, I've had composites, cleanings, a wisdom tooth and other teeth out with him, he is by miles the best dentist I've ever had, every appointment was as pain free. I'm saving up to go see him again as I type this, as I had a drop in wages so now I have a hc2 award for nhs care and the nhs dentist I went to yesterday was terrible.


The whole thing was so comfortable and not at all how most dentist practices are, all dentist visits should be this nice :)
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Re: Nottingham, awesome dentist, if you're scared or worried you must try him.

How does this dentist make you feel so comfortable?

What is their injection technique like?

Do they use topical?

It is a shame when we find a good dentist then for some reason or other have to change for a worse one. I really hope you can manage to be able afford to stay with this dentist.

Good luck :clover::clover::clover:
Re: Nottingham, awesome dentist, if you're scared or worried you must try him.

He goes through the procedure with you and puts me at ease.

Injections were painless, even when I had nerve locks he used the distraction method to great effect .

They use banana flavored gum numbing things prior to most injections, every injection I had in the front of my mouth was 100% pain free.

On the dentist side of things I've struck gold, I noticed online that there was another smilestyle dentist nearby that took nhs patients so decided to register. I'm already registered at the private practice so made an appointment for the 11th :) same dentist :jump:, my private dentist is now also my NHS dentist albeit at the nhs based practice.
Re: Nottingham, awesome dentist, if you're scared or worried you must try him.

Thank you for your answer your dentist sounds lovely. How lucky are you to find your priv dentist doing nhs. He is defo a keeper.

I am pleased for you that you have been so lucky, good luck with the rest of your future treatment.
Re: Nottingham, awesome dentist, if you're scared or worried you must try him.

Forgive me, I am tired :/ ..But which practise is NHS?

He sounds like he may be worth a try for my Mum, shes terrified and wont go.. Im thinking I might be able to get her to try a visit with someone who comes recommended(!), she doesnt have the money for private treatment though.

Thanks :)
Re: Nottingham, awesome dentist, if you're scared or worried you must try him.

This thread is very misleading, I built up the confidence to call Smilestyle thinking I had finally found a NHS practice that helped nervous patients, only to find out that they don't! I was told that I would have to pay privately instead, especially if I wanted sedation and the wand! Very disappointed!
Re: Nottingham, awesome dentist, if you're scared or worried you must try him.

Hi reallynervous :welcome: to the forum.

I am sorry you rang and found that you had to pay for certain treatments. The people that post on her can only say how they found their experience's.

Dean UK did go as a private patient at first and said that they found the nhs one after. They are being treated at both practices but by the same dentist, so I presume that some of the treatment is done on the nhs and the things not covered by the nhs are done private.

It is very confusing I know but I don't think the nhs covers sedation, but they do give oral meds which will help you relax before an appointment. Your own doctor would also be able to prescribe something to help with the nerves for dental visit. As for the wand, not all dentists have these even if they are private but a good dentist uses the numbing gel called topical and gives and injection really slowly you won't feel a thing.

A lot of dentists don't advertise that they treat nervous patients but there are a lot of good understanding dentists out there that are very good with us nervous ones :)

Have a look at the dentist recommendations on here and see if there are any near to you to try, you could contact them and explain how nervous you are and see if they can be of help.

Most dentists these days are very understanding and do their best to help us get any treatment we may need. They will take things slowly and start with little things as we feel we can cope, that way we can get to know them and them us and build a trusting relationship.

I hope you don't give up but try again and hopefully you will find your dream dentist :butterfly:
Re: Nottingham, awesome dentist, if you're scared or worried you must try him.

At the same practice, there's another dentist called Adam Winter who seems to be a real natural and not at all dentisty:

"I had a fear of dentists for a few years, went to see a dentist called Adam winter who is at smilestyle, nuthall road. I cannot recommend him enough, he just gets it and understands why people are scared of dentists. He's sensible, does the right thing for his patients and gives you back that control over care and treatment. Cannot recommend the guy enough, he is amazing. I've got to have my wisdom teeth taken out in a few weeks and I know a year ago the idea would have terrified me, now I don't even feel anxious. He specialises in dental anxiety, can offer sedition options but I've never once felt the need for sedation when I'm actually in the chair.
Seriously...the guy is fab!" (spotted on Reddit)

From their website:

"Adams primary concern is your comfort and satisfaction. He makes every effort to discuss your concerns and anxieties and will listen to your needs and wishes in order to make your visit the best possible experience. To aid in this he offers sedation services for those that need it.

Despite the intense clinical workload Adam continues his professional development by attending courses and meetings and keeping himself at the forefront of the latest techniques and developments in dentistry. He is happy providing a full range of general and cosmetic treatments to the highest standard of care. He is currently enrolled on an MSc in Restorative dentistry.

“Working at Smilestyle we are all committed to providing to our patient’s the best possible dental health care “ Outside of dentistry Adam enjoys socializing with a keen taste for craft beers and the odd festival and also working with monkeys- but not treating their teeth! He leaves that to the vet."