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Massive swelling in area adjacent to the wisdom teeth location



Junior member
Nov 22, 2016
I got 3 of my wisdom teeth removed 3 weeks ago. The swelling and pain in 2 of them (upper right and upper left) subsided after 4 days. But the lower left had swelling and pain for almost 10 days.

The swelling at the back where the wisdom tooth was supposed to be has now gone, but the teeth 2 molars away has a massive swelling that makes me unable to chew anything using the left side of my mouth.

Is this normal? Or Should I be worried?
I have already gone for a check up last week when the wisdom tooth swelling was also present. Now the wisdom tooth swelling is gone, and only this remains.

High REZ Images of the swelling:

return to dentist today for evaluation looks like infection but go to office.

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