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Maybe a silly question



May 20, 2018
Are smaller teeth easier to remove that molars . I’m due a removal tomorrow I’ve only had back molars and winsdom done and they’ve been a bugger. I’m really nervous I’m getting a bottom one removed 2 in from the front . I’m so nervous 😩
@Natalie.emery hi Natalie i am guessing that each tooth is different, however, I do not think that you should be worrying too much about it. I have serious issues regarding dentist and other stressful situations. I find, personally, concentrating on something in your head can help. It could be a person that you know or do not know or a favorite thing personal to you or anything really. It is known as 'distraction'. Sometimes when using distraction the whole thing can go so fast and you may remember very little of the dental experience and you then feel happier and less stressful. Distraction techniques can be used whenever you may be feeling nervous such as when having a smear test or internal examination or when meeting a new date or a job interview. You can practice distraction techniques at home; turn on the television or radio or use headphones then think of something and really concentrate on it and you will find that even if you can hear the tv, Radio or headphones you cannot remember much of it. In the past i have concentrated on repeating a friend's name over and over and over in my head and that worked for me. Of course you and others will know that you are at the dentist having treatment, however, if distraction techniques are used i believe the experiences will be better. Hope this helps you Natalie and maybe many others too.

Hope all goes well Natalie, bless you.
As a rule of thumb, the less roots the tooth has the easier it should come out. Since front teeth have 1 root and molars have 2 or 3 (or even 4 sometimes!) then it should be easier.