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Maybe abscess? Can anyone ease my fear before my appointment?



Junior member
Oct 13, 2011
So I have a swollen lump that's sore on my jaw and everyone who sees it asks if it is abscessed. Probably is and I have an appointment at a dentist on Wednesday. I have no pain when eating or inside my mouth in general. Just the jaw where it is swollen is sore.

Does odd this in anyone's personal experience sound like what people say, and if so, what usually will a dentist do? Root canal? Antibiotics to remove the swelling? I just want a little insight because of my severe dental phobia and I am freaking out imagining worst case scenarios like crazy. Help.
Hi Julie!

I never had abscess but I heard that an abscess occurs when a tooth is badly decayed and it is very painful. Maybe it is not an abscess.

I hope that you won't have any toothache until your next dental appointment.

I wish you luck for Wednesday!