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medicated dissolvable wading



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Jan 24, 2012
England, UK
I had some of this stuff inserted into an upper wisdom extraction site today. As there had been quite a few local injections needed, the dentist said I was not bleeding as much as he would like there. So, he inserted some totally foul tasting wading.....not quite sure where....deep inside, near the surface ?

My questions are these, I gratefully accept thoughts from any lay person or dentist to answer.

When will the disgusting taste fade it is the worst bit of the extraction right now !!!?

Does this mean that I am now at a high risk of dry socket ?

I ask being really really careful and following all advice on the post extraction info.

Just looked it up and it says that what your dentist meant when he said that you didn't have enough blood was, that the socket was dry and the bone was left exposed so they put the dressing in to help it to heal and prevent infection, it needs to stay for a few days. It is a good thing shame about the taste.

When you have a tooth out the hole fills with blood, then forms a clot to protect you from getting dry socket, and infection. Because you didn't bleed a lot or enough you didn't get a clot so hence the packing. It needs to stay. Hope this helps.

Stay positive.

A small advise: don't spit! If the taste in your mouth is not very good, it is better to swallow it gently or rinse it gently with water.
Spitting might suck the blood clot out of the socket and create a dry socket.

Your dentist did well. You will be fine:).
Thankyou ! The taste is becoming a wee bit less as everything is dissolving in the wading. So far so good, I don't believe anything has moved and it is more than 24 hours. I am being careful to the point of obsessional :)
Hi, hope your feeling a bit better today, I'm glad Dr Daniel dropped by to reasure you. Also glad the taste is getting less now. I think as each day goes by you'll feel better and stronger. It's amazing how much it takes out of you.

It's not so much the treatment at the time it's the stress and everything that goes along with it.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, stay positive.
Thanks Carole. All still feels good, nothing bar a slight ache in the jaw. However, do you or anybody know......are there any pictures anywhere of what a wisdom extraction site should look like. I have no idea if it is healing properly or not.....mind I guess any pain would be a good indication and there have been none.
No pain, no reason to stress. Simplessssssssss. You are doing fine. It's good you go back to dentist next week. STOP LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO STRESS ABOUT. :giggle:

Bask in the glow of success and relax. Stay well.
Extraction dressing - its come out !

So, it all felt rather wibbly wobbly (as if something was lose) in the extraction site this morning, and as I chewed something on the other side the medicated dressing fell out ! Should this have happened ? I'm sure the dentist said it would stay in place for a week and then dissolve. It is an upper wisdom extraction, there is no pain from the area, from what I can see there is not a gaping hole where the dressing came from. I have done everything I should from the care information given. Do I need to go back and see them, or is this to be expected ?

Sorry, to add, it is 68 hours since the tooth was removed. (to be precise lol)
Re: Extraction dressing - its come out !

Thanks for your PM Carole.

I have since rung the dental practice and they seem unconcerned that this has happened. It is more than likely that it has occurred because it is healing really well and fast; so keep rinsing with the salt water and monitor.......