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Medicated dressings stuck in lower socket?



Junior member
Mar 27, 2015
Hey all,

I need some advice. About 8 days ago, I had non dissolvable medicated dressings placed in my lower sockets after having all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed the week before. I didn't get dry socket, but the pain was still pretty intense after the 5th day, so I asked to have them placed in there anyways. Fast forward to yesterday and I asked my oral surgeon to have them taken out (even though he said they'd wash out on their own) because I was ready for them to be out. He and his staff took out the dressings, but said they couldn't find the dressing in the lower left one, even though I was fairly certain it hadn't come out. Now today, as I was irrigating my sockets after dinner, I tasted the eugenol and I saw a few pieces of thread come out into the sink. Now I believe it's still in there and it's stuck.

What should I do? Should I just wait it out and keep irrigating it and just wait until it (hopefully) works its way out? Or should I try and get if removed again? I'm just afraid that the socket will close and trap the gauze in there, which I really don't want to happen.

And advice or help would be really appreciated! Thanks!
Never had this happen to me, but could you have someone use a flash light and take a look at what they see? Perhaps if they see the gauze or some threads, they could help speed up the removal process by using tweezers to gentle take it out. You could also give your dentist a call and let them know what is going on and see what they suggest. At least gauze isn't something that can hurt your digestive tract (as long as it is a small piece - nothing large enough to cause a blockage).