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Metal Dentures



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Jan 14, 2010
Hey I've been told I need a metal denture after having seven extractions, six crowns a bridge and some fillings. I'm based in the Uk and as I understand it plastic dentures are covered by the NHS but I'm not so sure about metal ones. I just was wondering if anyone had an idea of prices, just a ball park figure.

Cheers xxx:thumbsup:
On my previous post I was asking for advice on metal dentures. From reading other users threads and post (which have been amazingly inspirational) I've learnt a metal denture is also called a partial, so any ideas on cost?
Removable dentures can be metal or plastic based. The term partial can be applied to both types, as it refers only to the fact that only some of the teeth are missing. If all the teeth are missing then it is called a "full" denture

In theory metal dentures are available on the NHS. However, they are very expensive to make and most NHS dentists will only provide the plastic type as they are not reimbursed by the NHS for the extra costs involved in providing them.

Private fees vary but I would guess that they would range from about £450 to £1600. The differences are due to dentists having differing overheads, skill levels, technicians charges. Also different complexities and qualities of dentures are possible.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the info, yeah that is useful, I best get saving up then! I think I'm getting off fairly lightly when I'm reading other users comments anyway. Apart from the metal denture the work I need should all be covered by band three of the NHS treatment which is only £198.00.

Many thanks x