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Metronidazole Drug And Alcohol Please Help !!



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Aug 25, 2007
Hi everyone,

Having at last persuaded my hubby to see a dentist (after suffering great pain and swollen gum!) He went today but unfortunately, could not get in to see my lovely dentist and had to see someone else, a lady whose English was not the best and in his words "was a little rough" !

It sounds as though he had a gum infection and she basically lanced it, which hurt a lot he said !!

He has been prescribed Metronidazole which the pharmacist has advised no alcohol at all, does this mean he can not even have 1 unit, I've read that the side effects of drinking can be bad, is this the case ?

Also, would 'cutting into' the infection be the correct procedure as now he is home he is in a great deal of pain, is this normal ?

Any help would be very greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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Hi Jools

Glad you managed to get hubby to go! Not a dentist but my friend was given the same antibiotic and told not to drink, she thought ah, it can't do much harm and had a few glasses of wine and was violently sick!! I am on it at the moment and the pharmacist repeated no alcohol AT ALL about so many times as he was giving me them! I think it really is best not to touch a drop on this antibiotic, being sick is horrible and I imagine even worse when already feeling ill from the infection....don't risk it!

Can't help you with the lancing part but sure one of the dentist will come along and let you know.

Hope he feels better soon.
Lancing is the right thing to do if there's a swelling. I'd rather not drink than throw up, so I wouldn't mix the 2 drugs.