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May 28, 2009
SW Herts
My dentist prescribed a course of Metronidazole/Flagyl to take if my tooth doesn't settle in the next few days.

As I didn't want to scare myself by googling the medication I just asked on a forum I go to if anyone had taken it. Most people who responded were very negative about this antibiotic to the point where they said it was just the worst thing they had ever taken and made them feel very ill. I really don't know what to do if my dentist says I should start to take it. I already take two other prescription medications and suffer with anxiety and agoraphobia and am scared that taking this will make these conditions worse.

Is there any other antibiotic that would work that I could ask for instead? I have already taken Amoxcyllin, which helped at the time, but now I have a bit of pain and slight sensitivity again.
The important thing with this drug is you must follow the instructions for taking it. It must not be taken along with alcohol, it must be taken after meals and with milk instead of water.

If you don't do this, then you can get problems, mostly nausea and indigestion type symptoms.

It's a very useful drug since it attacks a completely different set of bacteria from the penicillin based drugs, if amoxycillin has already been tried then you need to switch to Flagyl to wipe out the bugs that amoxyl has left behind.
Thank you very much for that info, much appreciated :)
I had this anti biotic a few weeks ago and it was absolutely fine. As Gordon says, follow the instructions properly and you'll be grand!!

Hope the pain eases up soon! :)
hi! i am so scared about getting sick and took this once with no problems. i usually do lots of yogurt with antibiotics and eat quite a bit with them and am fine! i hate forums about meds because only the bad experiences get reported! thousands of people take this every day without a problem! you'll do great :)
Well I am still holding back from starting these antibiotics although I'm very grateful for the positive responses about it. I have to phone my dentist today to let her know how my tooth is. This will sound stupid, but I'm really not sure. I 'think' the small amount of pain I had is a bit better and I've been very good the past couple of days in using the Corsodyl toothpaste and mouthwash. Mind you using the mouthwash has made me extremely anxious as it contains alcohol and I spend ages afterwards worried about the alcohol getting into my system as I have to avoid alcohol with my anti depressants and tranquillisers.

Today my head feel really 'spaced out', I know this could just be anxiety, lack of sleep or just plain worry, but also in the back of my head I am worrying that maybe, just maybe I have some huge infection or abscess and it's inside my brain and that is why I am feeling how I am :o

I really do feel quite down and very pathetic that someone of my age feels like this. I keep wondering if because there are in theory no nerves in the tooth then it could be much worse than it actually feels as there wouldn't be the normal nerve response to pain. Then I am wondering if I would be best to go and see a root canal specialist, if I can find one I can get to. I know they have those microscopes so they would at least be able to look into the tooth and maybe tell me 100% if either of the teeth I am having trouble with can be saved. I can't afford to spend over £3,000 only to have the root canals fail and then have to have quite a few teeth pulled. Honestly I feel a right basket case today :redface:
I've only just seen this thread, and I would just like to add that I took Flagyl at Christmas and it was OK, no real problems (except reading stuff on the internet that frightened me to death!). The first couple made me a bit woozy because I hadn't realised you must take them with food but after that I was fine with them. I don't think you need to worry about the alcohol in the Corsodyl because it's the tiniest amount that could get into your system, you spit most of it out, remember. When you think how much some people drink on top of tranquillisers and antidepressants I don't think a minute amount of Corsodyl can do much harm!:) My last root canal filling took absolutely ages to settle down but it did so in the end. I am the world's worst person for being laid back about my teeth but it is best to say to yourself it WILL settle down and think about something else. Easy advice to give but hard to follow, I know.
Thanks for your reassurance scaredycat. I did exactly what my dentist told me to do, which was to wait 2 days and then phone her back. Problem was she was too busy to talk to me and with the weather being so bad the practice closed early. So now I have to wait till next Tuesday, when she is supposed to be be putting in a permanent filling in the other root canal which has also not settled down and one that she couldn't get the whole nerve out as there is some kind of blockage. At this rate it will be ages before the treatment is finished and even then I have no idea if it will be successful and I can't afford to to make any mistakes. As the 2 teeth having the root canal treatment and crowns are also the 2 teeth that are holding my little metal plate in place I do wonder why I don't just get them pulled instead to save all this hassle :confused: