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Dec 12, 2021
Croydon surrey
I saw my dentist today because I could feel a lump on my gum. Thorough investigation, said gum issue but nothing to drain. Said area was nice and clean but she cleaned it again and took a photo and an xray. Said continue salt water washes 3/4 times a day and take ibuprofen. She would like me to take Metronidazole but I am wary to do so as I usually get side effects from antibiotics and these are very strong. I had a severe allergic reaction to penicillin last July and cant take doxycycline although can tolerate amoxicillin. What is the general feeling about Metronidazole? Is she thinking infection?
Metronidazole is a totally different type of drug from the penicillin groups. It acts against a different class of bacteria. Be sure to take it AFTER food and avoid alcohol while using it.
It's usually the drug of choice for any kind of gum infection.
Okay Thankyou