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Junior member
Jan 24, 2010
My doctor perscribed Metronidazole and some type of mouth wash for me, because of my gums. He wants the infection to be gone when he does my cleaning.

I'm really nervous about taking it, as one of the side effects is vomiting and well, I fear vomiting as well as the dentist :(

Has anyone ever taken it? What should I expect? It says take four the first day, but do I take them all at the same time?

You can take it with milk to calm stomach issues. Most people tolerate it quite well. Worrying about vomiting can cause more stomach upset than the medication. We usually get what we dwell upon. Like trying to cross a creek and saying "I am worried about falling in." You will usually find a way to make that happen.

It would be common to have you stagger the dose during the day. You can ask the pharmacist or call the dentist to be sure. It should say on the bottle.

You should not have any problems with this medication.

You shouldn't have the vomiting side effect if you avoid alcohol whilst taking it. My understanding is that alcohol is the trigger.
I was on this for a week after oral surgery. the worst side effect i had was the horrible metalic taste in my mouth! but i couldnt eat very much so that probabley made it alot worse!! i did feel abit nausea after taking it.. but was never sick! and i have the worst ever ever phobia of vomiting! not the nicest antibiotics.. but they were given for a reason and they do work :)

I'm on Metronidazole at the moment, and it's absolutely fine. NO DRINKING ALCOHOL!!! This will make you vomit. I always get a slightly gippy tummy on antibiotics, but other than that I've had no side effects at all.