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Middle of Root Canal - Need to let medicine sit?



Former Member
I was wondering if someone could help me. I am in the middle of a root canal on a tooth. He said it was calcified and needed to put medicine in there and let it soften for a few weeks. So I have to wait a few weeks and am in pain. Is this normal?

I'm trying to cope, but it's been very difficult. I take OTC for the pain and that seems to be okay, but I'm very nervous. I think it might be hurting more now. My appointment isn't until 1/11.

Thank you.
On my RTC I had about a month of healing and resting for the tooth before they finished it up. They put in a material under the temp filling to keep bacteria away.I think it was dissolvable or something.
But I was also warned to monitor the tooth and if it would hurt on that week to go back asap. If it really hurts and you feel something is not OK try to go back not as a regular appointment but an emergency appointment that something is off.
Thank you. It does hurt and I am taking Advil. I just spoke with him and he said I had to wait. He just went in there and couldn't get down any further. Now he is on vacation, but I don't think he is blowing me off.

I think I might be able to make it if it doesn't get worse. It's just really hard. I have 20 days to go living on smoothies and Advil and I feel like I'm going to lose it.
Yes this is normal. The solution they use to "soften" the canals is known as EDTA. With a calcified tooth it is far better that your dentist take their time and do things right than try to force the instruments. Forcing the instruments increases the risk of a variety of things going wrong.