Minneapolis, Minnesota



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Jan 1, 2005
We have received the following review for a dentist in Minneapolis:

"Wanted to let you know of a dentist who is very anxious friendly.

Dr David Bates
Loop Dental
207 5th Ave N, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401
(612) 470-4047

I reached out to Dr David Bates when my previous dentist left the practice I was at. I decided to facebook a few dentists and see how they were with anxious patients, if they were friendly and how they dealt with anxiety.

Dr Bates himself reached out to me and on a week night. He was very reassuring and welcoming to me which made it easier to want to call his office and set up a consult which he offered a free meet and greet consult to see if I felt comfortable with him and the office before we would do anything.

Here is an excerpt of his response to me as an anxious patient I took out some personalized parts.

"I am definitely willing to meet and chat for 10-15 minutes one day. We could discuss a bit of your dental history and I could show you the office. There would be no charge for that. I have a lot of experience with anxious patients as dental anxiety is very common - you are definitely not alone. We see varying degrees of it everyday in our practice. We would love to see you at Loop - we do not judge anyone and just want to provide you with great dental care."

Thank you,
David Bates, DDS

He actually did this at the end of a day when there would be no patients so he would make sure to have undivided time for me . which was super impressive he really went out of his way to reach an anxious patient he didn't even know. Super impressive, as was his receptionist Faith who was so friendly and helpful in setting up the time and the other receptionist who also was very welcoming.

The office is super kind of cool and hip and small and welcoming... and it seems like they love dogs (I'm a huge pet fan)...

I came in to meet Dr Bates , he was very friendly and warm, and concerned with answering my questions and concerns about how their office might be of help. He gave me a tour of the office. He told me Faith could set me up for a cleaning, which I gave my information, and she called back with my coverages and to set up an appt... Well, in the meantime, I did find where my other dentist was so have not had work done here but have recommended others there. He also had another dentist Dr Katie Hannon who also seems from the web and FB page as very friendly. I would not hesitate to give this office a try if you are anxious.

They obviously care for their patients and just people in general in a huge way and are even very active in their community and outreach!!"