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Misdiagnosed abscess?



Junior member
Nov 4, 2019
Hi, first time poster here. After months of anxiety, I am hoping I can find some support or advice from this forum. Sorry in advance for rambling.

About a year ago I noticed a hard bump on my right lower gum, on the inside (by my tongue) and in the premolar area. I was immediately concerned it was an abscess as I have had one before that required a root canal, however I wasn’t sure as the one I had before was very painful and this wasn’t, and the previous one was on the cheek side of my gum rather than the tongue side. I pointed it out at my next dental appt, and the hygenist diagnosed it as a mandibular tori and said it was harmless. I go for cleanings every 3 months and have had x-rays since the bump appeared, so my dentist has had plenty of opportunities to assess it. I was considered because I found it a little too convenient, and when I googled found most tori appear on both sides of the mouth, however I was just relieved it wasn’t an abscess.

Fast forward, last month I was having a cleaning and while checking my gum pockets the hygienist said all of my gum areas looked ok (pocket depths of 3-4 mm) except for the teeth on the bottom right that are directly above the “tori” which she said was measuring the entire length of the probe. I asked if this could be because of the tori, she said it was unrelated and recommended a deep cleaning on that area.

I’m now experiencing extreme anxiety and am convinced it is a gum abscess and I will lose all those teeth because it has gone on so long (my worst fear). I can’t stop running my tongue over those teeth and feel like I can feel movement or they they are loose, however if i wiggle them with my finger or watch in the mirror they look fine, so that could be anxiety. I guess what I am wondering is is it possible for an abscess to appear in that area without pain? Or if it is a tori, could that be causing the gum pockets? Could it just be a coincidence? I am confused and really hoping I have not been misdiagnosed for so long. I also do not have another dentist I can easily go to for a second opinion due to insurance constraints.

Probably also relevant to note the molar on that side received a crown shortly before the bump appeared, and in general I have had lots of dental issues due to a combination of anorexia and bad genetics (although I have seen a lot of improvement since going to the dentist more frequently, switching to an electric toothbrush, and using a water pik). Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can give me.
Did you ever asked the dentist to evaluate that tooth? The fact that she is simply recommending a deep cleaning seems to be in line with it not being a huge issue.