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Mission for Mercy, free dental help across the United states



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Jul 26, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD

I know alot of us have a hard time affording dental care , having to wait for months or years due to cost while we suffer

Well. A few years ago I stumbled across this resource and actually decided to join as a volunteer in the dental world :) as an patient ambassodor and greeter. It was the coolest experience being on the other side of the dental world
Weirdly the first place they put me was the table for dental educaton and information ( lol I thought , if they really only knew who they were putting here. ) it was quite interesting..

anyways, MIssion of Mercy is event across the state, that offer free dental care, no questions asked,you can get anything from cleaning, to fillings, to extractions and even partials or dentures. even some root canals.. They are all volunteer dentists and specialists.. most of which have a ton of care and compassion and some which come from states away just to help out. It was very interesting experience You just wait in line ( which can be long, a few hours..) but if you don't mind waiting a bit.. a free root canal may just be worth it.. or free dentures. We saw some families bring in their whole extended families and saved thousands of dollars on their dental care.

If you google Misson for Mercy you may find one near you.. my copy paste isn't quite working. and I don't have a mouse or would post it. :). Thought it was worth the mention for those who might benefit.

Thought it was worth mentioning