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Molar(2nd) removal- diy



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Dec 23, 2008

Here's the situation.

I've just made an appointment with a dentist who filled in a cavity between the back and 2nd molar(mainly this one, this is the problem tooth) some 3-4 years ago. I liked his work and was surprised at how painless it was.Now it's developed a crack and could maybe be redone ( though i am no expert) -cleaned and refilled.

so i make this appointment like a couple of days ago,But they said cos you are not registered you have to wait until after the new year, the 8th jan.

One- i'm not sure if i can be bothered waiting that long
Two- i might have to go to jail soon as there is a warrant out for my arrest( and i'd rather this was sorted before i hand myself in. it can be uncomfortable enough as it is, beside the fact that you are hardly nhs priority if you are in custody- they might say just grin and bear it.ceratinly for the first few days until you get to prison and i don't have a toothbrush to keep it clean etc though really there is enough discomfort i a situation like that as it is and i really don't know if ican be bothered waiting)

The second molar has a recessive cavity between itself and the back-most molar, with filling cracked but still in it.

I certainly don't have a phobia of this young capable dentist, btw.


Is diy removal of 2nd molar really that sore/painful?

This tooth has some marginal movement, wiggling, though could tease/coax it more.

Is it really that difficult and/or painful with pliers or the string method?

I have watched a video or 2 on u-tube , though most were wisdom or baby teeth of kids

One ,or two, adults wee featured doing molar.

Or perhaps i should return to dentist and ask them to try and fit me in soomer.(??)

Can i be bothered waiting, if it's not that diffiuclt or painfu?

Would the second molar hurt if one tried to pull/yank it out oneself?

Hope this makes sense- i don't fear this dentist; it's just that 3 weeks is abit long to wait for appointment particulalarly when i have the warrant hanging over me ( and a sore back etc).perhaps a dentist could do something else at a later date

Cheers for suggestions or experience with diy approach.
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Oct 11, 2007
Having a little bit of Gorgonzola with crackers!
Although Tom Hanks made it look relatively easy in "Castaway," it's probably not the best thing to try to remove a second molar do it yourself style at home. Without anesthetics, I would say that pain would be the first thing that pops up if trying to attempt something like this. Unless it's extremely wobble, floss will break before budging it much.