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Molar extraction clove packing falling out - HELP



Junior member
May 18, 2021

I had my second right lower molar removed on Friday (it’s now Tuesday) and rather than letting a clot form the dentist packed it with clove dressing. It was a tricky extraction that took an hour and lots of pain so think it may have stopped bleeding by the time they finished.

Now it has been 4 days and the dressing keeps feeling and looking like it’s going to fall out. Will I get dry socket if it does???

I’m terrified of getting dry socket, and why is it that the dressing is coming out? Is it because the bottom of the socket is healing and pushing it out?

Any help would be hugely appreciated!!!
You won't get a dry socket after this length of time. It's perfectly OK for the dressing to come out, don't worry about it.
Thanks Gordon. Why do you think the dressing is falling out? Does it just do that or does it mean the bottom of the socket is healing and is pushing it out?

Big thanks in advance.
They aren't designed to be in there permanently, so yes, the socket will be healing up and the material itself will be breaking down.