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Molar Extraction coming up using midazolam! How is your experience with it?



Dec 7, 2023
I am very anxious for my appointment. I’ve bailed on so many root canals it’s time to get this puppy extracted 😩

The only way I can do it is to be sedated. My dentist will use midazolam and I am terrified of it! I hate feeling out of control and worried it will make it worse not better.

I avoid all narcotics and even alcohol cause I hate feeling out of control.

Over a decade ago I had my wisdom teeth out and went completely under. Which was actually a great experience. I know this will be much lighter though and worried about being awake!

What will it feel like?

Thank you!
I am in the same boat! I’ve got a molar extraction coming up on Thursday as well and my dentist also has me scheduled with iv sedation (he uses midazolam and fentanyl) and I’m a wreck of anxiety. I’ve seen so much conflicting information on it, and I’ve downright scared myself to the point of just feeling like I’ll die by having the sedation. It’s affected my life so much, I’ve been crying every single day for two weeks. Like every time I do something, my brain says “enjoy it, this will be the last time you get to do this because Thursday it could be the end” type of intense anxiety. I know rationally the odds are in our favor as far as safety, but my anxious brain always goes to worst case scenarios 😭

I am giving myself the grace to decide on Thursday if I will refuse the sedation and just do it with the local only, but that’s also terrifying to my mind.

I have seen tons of success stories on here about iv sedation, and they truly do help for a moment. Have you looked at that thread yet?

Prayers for you and your anxiety. No matter what I believe we will both be ok and happy once we’re on the other side of this!
Thank you for sharing! I COMPLETELY understand how you are feeling and it’s so refreshing to know others feel this extreme about it too lol

I will get back to you asap after my appointment to let you know how it goes and what it feels like.