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Molar extraction, curly roots and likely sinus perforation.. no sedation.. how bad?



Jan 15, 2022
NHS dentist tried to refer me as an emergency but said I would still have a very long wait - months. Their visiting surgeon has looked at my x-ray and said it will be a very difficult extraction due to the curly roots and with sinus cavity perforation being highly likely but if that happened he would "try" to stitch it up.
He can do this privately for me next week but under no sedation and I accept the risks involved all at a hefty price which is fine, he's skilled and should be paid as such.

I am just scared about how bad this could be. Has anyone done it?
It's not nearly as bad as they seem to be making out. If there's sinus involvement then it's a fairly quick job to put a suture over the gap, most of the time that's not necessary, the sinus will heal itself fairly uneventfully.
A lot of times teeth that look hard on x-rays aren't difficult at all (but sadly the opposite also applies!).
Thank you. I am so nervous about this not going well. He is a very qualified surgeon who said it is going to be very difficult and will take around an hour to do. I have a filling on the other side being done the same day. Morning for one and evening for the extraction! Fun times!!
I hope he is worth the almost 4 figures it is costing!