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Molar Extraction - IV Sedation Fears



Junior member
May 29, 2008
Hi I am supposed to have one of my upper molars extracted on June 2 and I am a bit worried about going under the IV Sedation.I have actually had it 3 times before and didn't have any problems any of those times but thats been about 2 years ago and I am certainly not as healthy as I once was I have been having alot troubles with Hypersensitive Hearing,Light Sensitivity,Seizures,Migraines,Chest Pains,Shortness of Breath,High Cholesterol,Neuropathy in my legs.And I am just worried all these problems might somehow effect it and I won't wake up,it also doesn't help reading all these stories of people not waking up while under sedation at the dentist.I really want the Sedation for a few reasons to help with my anxiety,pain and I'm sure the drills and such will really hurt my ears.
As long as you fill out all your medical problems and medications that you take, on the form that you will have to complete for the sedationist I am sure that everything will be all right. I had IV sedation a few months back, and though I have a phobia of needles as well as of dentists, taking valium beforehand got me sufficiently calm to get through the door, and once the IV was in me I didn't feel, see or feel a thing and woke up with no ill feelings at all, having had 18 teeth removed and full dentures fitted. The sedation will definitely help with your anxiety and I'm sure you won't even feel or hear the drill. But as I say, do be completely honest in filling out the form and also have a chat beforehand to the sedationist to voice your concerns.
None of the things you mention is a big problem for IV, in fact it's probably safer for you to have IV than to "tough it out" with local alone.