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Molar extraction - IV Sedation - full blown panic



Dec 7, 2023
Y’all I’m panicking and I don’t see how I can possibly go through with my dental appt tomorrow.

I tried to see my therapist yesterday to possibly get some Xanax or something (I’ve never taken any meds - I’m meds phobic as well but my level of panic is unbearable) but she didn’t want to have me take any new meds this close to procedure 😭

I am absolutely hysterical. I’m having IV Sedation for the first time and I’m sure I’ll die. I feel like I’ll be allergic to the midazolam, I’ll go into cardiac arrest, I’ll stop breathing (I’m less scared of this now that I know about the reversal agent but it’s still top of mind in my panic), anything that could happen in my mind will absolutely happen and it’s beyond my mental capacity to see how I’m supposed to make it into the dentist chair and choose to have this done which in my mind equals dying. I know this sounds dramatic, but it’s truly how I feel. I am so scared I can’t even think. My blood pressure has been through the roof for two weeks, my heart rate hasn’t come down below 80 in days. I am in full blown panic crises and I simply do not know where to go from here.

It should not be this scary or this hard to just have dental work done 😭 I just want to be normal. I fear leaving behind my husband and teenage daughter, and right before Christmas. It literally feels like that to me. I know the odds are in my favor that everything will work out just fine, but the waves of panic and intrusive thoughts of my husband calling my daughter to tell her I died and the days that would follow…it’s unbearable.

I know my tooth is infected, I know I have to have it out soon (I’m also having 5 cavities filled while I’m sedated - which freaks me out too because I don’t want the dentist to overdose me on Mepivacine)…but my brain will not stop. How will I sleep? I haven’t eaten a proper meal in a week, I’ve lost 10lbs, my heart hurts, I cry hysterically everyday (sometimes all day while everyone is at work and school) almost two weeks now thinking about how I’ll be dead tomorrow…

I just feel hopeless and helpless. I keep praying, and I want to trust God but my panic has my survival instincts on overdrive, and then I feel guilt I cannot trust him. It’s all just too much. 😢
Well they are not going to let you die. They are skilled. They want to keep working.
Hey I want to let you know that I did this yesterday. Exact same medication. I went into the chair shaking and hyperventilating. He put the iv in me and within SECONDS I didn’t care about anything. I wasn’t loopy or confused. Just so relaxed.

I’m the same as you I HATE meds of any kind that could make me feel weird or give me side effects. When I was done I was like I need this stuff in my life cause it was so nice and peaceful for the first time in years 😂

You are NOT going to die and I’m fact you are going to discover what it truly feels like to be relaxed. You’re going to chill and snooze and you will not be allergic I promise.

You can do this! Commit to it and I promise it’s SO anticlimactic. Like it’s not a movie or a big huge production. It’s just done so fast and you go home and all your mundane problems are waiting for you haha

Go in panicked. Sit in the chair and weep and sob and hyperventilate if you have to. Just commit until they get that stuff in you and it’s no longer a commitment at that point it’s a huge relief. You are going to love it!

As soon as it’s done you are going to be coherent and lucid. Complete control over your mind and what you say. Just a bit sleepy and maybe have jelly legs for a few minutes.

You’re going to be around for your kids and family for a long time. The iv isn’t going to be what does you in. It’s going to open up your world cause now I’m thinking of all the dental work I can get done knowing how much I loved the IV Sedation! I would do it again and again!
@Akal thank you so much for this reply ❤️
Did you do it?? How’d it go?!
@Akal I couldn’t go through with it 😭 I woke up at 3am and had a massive attack and couldn’t calm down and I had to call and cancel. I know at some point I’ve got to get this tooth handled, but I think I need to spend some time with my therapist and see about utilizing some meds for my panic to get me through to the appt.
We’ve all been there before and your moment will come!

Don’t beat yourself up about it and work through it with your therapist and you’ll get this all taken care of.

Test some meds out in a controlled environment and see what might work for you at the dentist for sure!

Just remember it really is a a breeze and I was just as scared as you.

Once it’s done the darkness will lift and you’ll start feeling like your old self again. This phobia is a heavy one for those who have it so it’s not just you!
@Akal thank you so much for your support and kind messages ❤️
@Mrsmurray23 I read your post and for a second I honestly believed it was an old post I had written. I feel the same way that I will die from extraction. I have avoided getting the extraction for two straight years. I have a rotting back molar it is awful.l have had over 30 appointments, most cancelled. I pray my day is coming to get it over with.
@papayabanana I am so sorry you’re struggling with anxiety - it truly is the worst. Our minds can really make us believe some crazy things.

I did something really crazy, and drilling my own tooth filling out with the hopes that I would be able to let any infection drain instead of having to have the tooth pulled. It was a mistake - I now have a hole down into my tooth that’s way below my gum line, and I have a broken molar on the other side of my mouth as well so I was not able to eat or chew at all. I had a little break through with my therapist after this and decided I don’t have a choice anymore - and I have to get this taken care of. I’m working on getting a prescription for Xanax to help my panic attacks and I reschedule my IV sedation appt for January 4th. I filled my tooth back up with temp dental filling from the grocery store and I’m praying it doesn’t get reinfected by then.

I hope you find some way to get yours taken care of as well. I don’t believe we’re meant to live unhealthy and sad lives dealing with all of these teeth issues…but anxiety can make it so so hard to see anything clearly. Praying for all of us dental phobics!
@Akal I’m rescheduled for this Thursday at 11am. Say some prayers for me - my anxiety is still pretty high about it (and now I’ve googled so much I have like 1028282 things I’m anxious about possibly happening lol) but I know I truly have to get this done. I’ve seen sooooo many good success stories and I’m just praying mine will be the same. I’ll report back Thursday after it’s all said and done and let you know how it went!
@Mrsmurray23 it’s going to be great! You’ll be in my prayers leading up to it! Don’t expect the anxiety or panic to go away before you get the iv. It didn’t for me and no one could’ve said anything to help me feel better.

You’re going to have to move forward despite the panic and just get that IV in your arm then it’s going to be all good! And you won’t panic every again about going to the dentist!

You absolutely got this. If tonight is sleepless and you everything seems heavy and dark and overwhelming, it’s to be expected and you just gotta stay the path!
@Akal thank you! Tonight has definitely been a lot of tossing and turning, it’s now 3:30am and I’m pretty sure I’ll just be awake from here on. I have such bad indigestion now I’m worried I’ll throw up while I’m in sedation 😭 something I haven’t even been concerned with at all up to this point, but I can’t even drink water to calm it down.

I am hoping that I’ll just be able to go, get the iv, and just wake up and it’s all done. I just really really want to make it through this safely, I’m so scared.

Your story and all of the other success stories I have seen are really helping me, and just praying a lot. I really appreciate your prayers too.

As soon as it’s all done and I’m coherent enough I will absolutely come back here and share my success story too!
I feel defeated. I had to reschedule because my reflux would not stop - I still am battling it, and my appt would have been in 12 minutes. My dentist agreed it’s best to reschedule but they don’t have an appt available until the end of March. They’re going to call me if they have a cancellation before then when they could get me in - but as of right now, I’ll be praying the infection doesn’t come back before end of March and I’ll be moving forward then.
So sorry to hear about that @Mrsmurray23 :( - you are doing so well, such a pity about the reflux, but that was totally out of your control.

Here's hoping that the infection won't come back between now and the end of March :grouphug:. You could always check if you could be put on their cancellation list, if you'd like to get it dealt with earlier?
You’re going to have to move forward despite the panic and just get that IV in your arm
I love this. “You’re going to have to move forward despite the panic.” I spent a long time trying to force myself to calm down before dentists appointments.

Then my mantra became, “I don’t have to be calm about it, I just have to do it.” The goal is to physically get in the chair, sit there, and get the work done. How I feel about it is irrelevant, and trying to “calm down” is a fool’s errand, since we can’t really control how we feel. All I can really control are my feet walking into the room (even if I’m shaking and sweating).
@letsconnect they do have me on a cancellation list! I’m hoping to maybe get in sooner, hopefully February. I’m definitely still anxious for the sedation but I am also ready to get this work done and wake up from the sedation and be through with this process and feel the relief that will come with it!
That's the spirit! IV sedation is your friend. It will take away all the fear and nervousness you are going through and enable them to get things done and then you can move on. I may be facing an extraction soon and I'm sure my dentist will just want to take care of it without any sedation but I'll probably insist on going to someone who will give me the sedation.
@oneby I’m actually meeting with an oral surgeon today because my tooth infection started to flair up again already and I know I can’t wait until March for the procedure. So hopefully all goes well today and I’ll be scheduled for a light iv sedation soon to get this tooth out. I’m nervous about my reflux, this stress has fully wrecked my stomach and I have acid reflux basically all day at this point, but I’ve read in light and moderate sedation you should not lose protective airways and reflexes so I’m going to discuss a very light sedation with midazolam and hopefully it’ll be safe and effective!

@Gordon - do you have any insight into the safety of sedation with midazolam and active Gerd/reflux. I know you commented on my post before that it wasn’t a concern, but I’ve seen a lot of information online saying it is. Just wondering if you have more detailed info from your personal experiences.
@Mrsmurray23 As a recovering hypochondriac and dental phobe the biggest and hardest thing to do is stop researching!

You’re going to read a lot of the one in a million worst case scenarios that have nothing to do with your situation and even if they seem like similar situations it’s just not the case.

I have terrible GERD and it keeps me up at night and affects my breathing and it’s much worse when I’m anxious and stressed. I felt it before my appointment but the iv relaxed me and things settled and it wasn’t an issue whatsoever!

Even if it was an issue, there was nothing that I couldn’t have communicated. My body and comprehension was functioning normally and could have very easily asked to sit up or indicated I was having a problem. But there was no problems at all!

I can promise you with 100% certainty that you are going to be great! You are not going die or even come close to it. This procedure is weighing on you and taking over your life as it did for me and so many others!

Just like everyone else though, it’s going to be totally great. It will be a textbook procedure and you are going to cry from the relief of having it done!