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Molar extraction - something not right.



Junior member
Apr 1, 2011
I had my furthest back right molar extracted under sedation last week, Thursday. By Wednesday I was in so much pain that the strongest painkillers (I'm prescribed Diclofenac and Tramadol for another health condition) weren't even touching it. Went back to the dentist who cleaned it all out, packed it with something plastery and clove-tasting. Still been in pain. I bought clove oil yesterday which has been an absolute God-send, despite the pain waking me at 4am to then re-apply it.

Now the packing the dentist put in has just fallen out in several chunks and the pain's come back. I phoned him to ask what to do and he's said to leave it all alone, no more clove oil, no gauze, nothing. I am already in considerable pain but he won't see me until Monday at the earliest. Any ideas on what I can do? Apparently I do not have a dry socket, I'm absolutely baffled as to what's wrong with me eight days after the extraction.
Hi strayly :welcome:,
it's pretty poor service that your dentist isn't prepared to see you despite you being in pain :mad:. I was reading your other post and it doesn't sound as if he's being sympathetic at all if he gave you the impression that you're a wuzz from the start?

Maybe you could call around other dentists for an emergency appointment and have the socket repacked and evaluated (that's what I'd be inclined to do, anyway).
I am considering the emergency route if the pain gets any worse. He's just very unsympathetic to me as I'm a smoker, despite me following the correct guidelines. I do have some Corsodyl so I think I'll have a gentle swoosh with that in between the salt-water. I just wish I could carry on with the clove oil as that's the only thing that seems to help. I really don't want to cause any more damage, though.

So annoying, though, for that packing to fall out. I am a very nervous patient. Thanks for your reply. :)
Hello.. :)

I Hope You Start Feeling Better Soon..!! I Do Not Have Any Ideas What Your Pain Is From Other Than Being A Dry Socket..??!!
If The Dentist Has Packed It Then That's All I Can Assume.. I Don't Think They Pack It For Any Other Reason Unless It Has Become Infected.. :/

How Many Times Has It Been Packed..?
& How Many Times Have You Applied Clove Oil To The Extraction Area..?

Hi Laura.
It was never a dry socket, there was a slight infection I think as the tooth didn't come out cleanly. I only found this out today, actually. It's only been packed once so far.
I have used clove oil four times in the past 24 hours, I was dabbing it onto damp gauze and just biting down on it. It's been the only thing to relieve the pain. Now the dentist says not to and I'm not sure why not. :)