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Molar extraction



Junior member
May 26, 2024
Hello everyone, I'm curious about your extraction experiences. I have a molar which was filled years ago, by now the dentist discovered that the root is fractured, so we need to extract it. The half of it had already fallen, and I'm pretty scared because it doesn't seem it's gonna be an easy procedure.
If you have similar situations, how was it for you? Especially the healing process, how much does it take?
Thank you very much for your help.
i'm going to be going through the same thing- molar cracked (not broken) but it has a root canal with a crown- was going for a new crown and then my dentist discovered it was cracked, went to get CT scan, now she is referring me to an oral surgeon, calling tomorrow to make appt., ugh, was thinking i just needed a new crown. I"m not sure if it's hard or not, i am thinking not and trying not to get it in my head it will be hard, i think i'm only being referred to oral surgeon due to being a nervous patient. My dentist put me through an extra crown prep. i didn't need, so i'm not happy. If it's going to cost too much, i'm going to just go to another dentist i'm been to before if they feel it's safe to get it out, i just want mine done and over with, i don't have time to wait as i have a temp. crown on mine. I've had two wisdom teeth out, both went okay, no issues with getting it out or healing, one i did with IV-didn't feel ill or even notice i was getting it out! and other without as i wasn't told about IV sedation so that one was hard but that was my anxiety and not the process. It took 1/2 hour to get done and other than the eating weird and worried i'd wreck it, it went okay. It's been 11 years since my wisdom tooth though. I hope others' post on here as i'd like to have reassurance as well. It's always worse in your head so try to think of that. Mine is my top furthest back molar, which one is yours? I have no idea how i cracked mine, even with a crown they are not safe, as i don't eat very hard food.