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Molar filling - rough front surface of tooth



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Jun 15, 2017
Today I had got a filling on the lower left (second molar from the back). The tooth also had an thin amalgam filling on the front surface which the dentist removed when doing the filling, and he put some kind of bonding agent on the whole front surface of the tooth, instead of just the thin strip where the old amalgam filling was. The front surface of the tooth now feels kinda rough, and there's a huge edge on the left side of the front surface of the tooth which is both rough to my tongue and finger. I don't know if this is normal or if the edge shouldn't be there, or if it's just some temporary thing which will go away in time. I didn't realise the roughness and the rough edge until many hours later when the numbness went away.
It's probably better if I explain this better. The tooth (lower left molar, third along from eye tooth) had a metal amalgam filling for many, many years. This was taken out and filled with a new white coloured filling a few years ago as the old one had weakened and started going a little soft. There was also a thin strip of the metal amalgam running down the front surface of the tooth which remained. He did ask me if I wanted that removed due to it's dark colour but it had never bothered me so he left it there.

On a recent visit, the dentist noticed a cavity on the side of the tooth and had me in there yesterday to do a new filling. I hadn't had a filling like this one before, where they used a wedge placed between the teeth when working on it. He said at one point he would remove the old amalgam strip on the front and place some bonding material on the front to re-do it which would be a more even colour. Due to my mouth being so numb, I had no idea what the work felt like for many hours, and it wasn't until last evening that I noticed the front surface of that tooth had a slight rough texture to it that it never had before, and a rather large, rough edge on the left side of the front surface. It also feels like something it stuck between the teeth where the wedge was placed when my tongue goes between those two teeth at the back. The old amalgam strip was thin, running down the middle of the tooth, but this new work seems to cover almost the whole front surface of the tooth.

I don't know if this is normal to feel this after certain fillings. When they re-did the front surface of the tooth, it was done rather quickly and I don't know if at some point some of it came away when I was numb, in relation to the big rough edge of the left side of the front surface. When I put a finger between those two teeth at the front, I can feel the natural surface of the tooth that they worked on, where it sits next to the adjoining tooth, but when I move my finger a millimetre, I feel this rough edge of what it was they put on the front surface. I will ring them when I get a chance, but has anyone experienced this before? I can get very anxious with anything dental-related.
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