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Molar sort of decaying wearing down?

Nov 19, 2014
Hello, about a year I noticed a small black area on my lower left molar and didn't really bother with it, but I've been looking today and at first it looked black, but when you get some light on it it's sort of brow but when I rub my tongue over it you can feel it's gotten smaller as I can sink my tongue into it. I can't remember how I got the black spot I think i cracked it on something around a year ago but can't fully remember. It's the bottom half of it that is a little bit decayed I think I just wanted to know exactly what it is there is no pain at all, can get a bit sensitive at times but that's on my gums not even near the tooth so that may be something else I'm also a big time anxiety sufferer so the stinging could just be in my head.

Can anyone tell me what it is? Thanks, Jack
I'm no expert, so don't put too much credibility in this post, and wait for a pro dentist to come along.

But ... it sounds an awful lot like what I once had. A decaying molar, going from a black spot to a hole, and eventually bits getting chipped off. Go to the dentist early enough and it should only require a filling. Unfortunately I left mine too late; I did get a filling, but it didn't hold because of the tooth's weakness, and eventually required RCT.
No expert either but I'm going to "ditto" Paul here... I had the same progression and chose to wait (because of fear of dentist) way, way too long. What could have been a filling became abscess/infection and root canal too. All this to say, hard as it is to go to the dentist, do yourself a favor and have it checked sooner rather than later. You'll be glad you did.