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Molesey, Surrey



Junior member
May 5, 2008
After a terrible previous experience and a lot of pain i went to this dentist and yes im still a bit nervous, but i coped brilliantly thanks to his wonderful calm manner, the top technology , their professionalism, they took things at a good pace, kept me properly numbed throughout, giving me more if i felt anything. Just all round generally brilliant, I'd never been able to cope before this. My partner sat with me holding my hand the whole time and agreed with me about how well i was treated.
He would have sedated me but he wanted to help me get over my fear and has :) I managed without:D
visit their website: https://www.moleseydental.co.uk you can email them to do as i did (get them to explain through email what / how they will help/treat you and then just go for a chat before making an appointment to do anything.
I saw Mr Michael Crowley and would deffinately reccomend him to anyone phobic or not!
Their contact details are on the website i said above :)

Mike Crowley
Molesey Dental Practice
4 Seymour Road
East Molesey