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Mouth Ulcers/Feeling Unwell After Extraction



Junior member
Jun 18, 2015
Ok... so, I overcame a great deal of anxiety to finally have an infected, broken upper molar extracted on Friday. The procedure seemed to go ok. I was given Ativan beforehand to help with the anxiety and the extraction took place with just a local anesthetic. After the fact, I was prescribed Percocet and 600 mg of ibuprofen for pain. I was already on 500 mg of Amoxicillin every 8 hours, which I have continued to take.

I have not yet taken the Percocet because I prefer to avoid the side effects that come with it. However, I am not doing so well today. I am lightheaded, have a sore throat and pain in my ear, and have been getting persistent headaches. In general, I just don't feel well. I'm also in quite a bit of pain in the entire half of my mouth where the extraction occurred. Aside from the regular swelling, I noticed today that some of the pain is being caused from mouth ulcers, which must have occurred from the dental instruments somehow cutting my mouth. I have one large ulcer on the inside of my cheek as well as 3-4 more on the upper portion of my gums. There is also a lot of redness and swelling near the ulcers. I went in to a clinic today for a check today and they determined that the weakness and lightheadedness is likely a result of dehydration, so I'm increasing my fluid intake, but I still feel miserable.

Is there anything I can do to help the mouth ulcers heal? I was told not to use any commercial mouthwashes for a while, so I'm rinsing very gently with salt water several times a day, but the pain and swelling is pretty bad. I'm also not sure if the lightheadedness and headaches are typical after an extraction and if anything beyond drinking more fluids could help. Any advice would be much appreciated... I am supposed to work tomorrow but I am not sure if I'll be able to handle it in the shape I'm in.


Jun 13, 2015
Try taking a vitamin c supplement. Eating natural yoghurt should help counter any side effects of antibiotics & might help ease the ulcer. Set natural yoghurt is probably better than stirred.