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Mr. Raza's surgery in South Kensington



Junior member
May 13, 2013
I ended up for the first time in 10 years in the dental chair in Mr. Raza's surgery in agonising dental pain and sweating with terror.:scared: The throbbing pain was the result of ignoring an infected tooth over a shamefully long period of time :shame:. I just couldn't bear the thought of a dentist poking and prodding my gums and teeth. The very thought evoked nausea. Now with my cheek swollen due to accumulation of pus from the infection in the tooth and throbbing pain that made me want to bang a hammer against the tooth :cry:(!) I had little option but to pick up the telephone and make an appointment. Mr. Raza saw me the same day, gave me intravenous sedation and drained out the pus. The infection was treated with antibiotics. I subsequently chose to have the tooth extracted because root canal would have had little chance of working- it was too late! But I got an implant in its place - and its like a real tooth.:grin: I now visit DR. Raza regularly and see and the hygienist there as well. I feel like going for the implant got me in control of my dental health which was suffering. An implant is only possible ifyou mouth and gums are healthy. Dr. Raza's and his amazing hygienist Jenny helped me get back in control of my dental health. Sedation at the surgery cost £165 which made it possible to get necessary treatment which I had been avoiding for so long. Now I am able to get some treatments done without sedation which I feel is a very big achievement for me. I would recommend this practice to anyone. :)