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Mukesh Soni, Twickenham, London



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Jan 1, 2005
Mukesh Soni
1 Oriel Court 106 The Green, Twickenham TW2 5AG
Mukesh Soni - Twickenham

Described by other dentists as "a really lovely gentle guy", Mukesh Soni has a reputation for being highly skilled, compassionate and patient-centred. Contrary to what the website suggests at first glance, Mukesh actually does offer general dentistry (as well as implants). His website also explicitly mentions caring for nervous patients - here's an excerpt:

We can help extremely nervous and phobic patients overcome their fears.
We understand that some patients are apprehensive about attending the dental practice. The very thought of treatment worries them. Fear of the unknown and past experiences can be immensely strong deterrents to having dental treatment.

We are here to help you get your confidence back
Our staff is dedicated to giving you the highest level of patient care and individualized personal service. Our client approach has helped many of our patients overcome their fears and become regular attendees.

We aim to provide high class dental treatments in a relaxed yet efficient method.
Each patient is an individual with personal desires and wishes. We pride our selves in LISTENING to our patients. Listening is a forgotten art form in today’s Now! Now! Now! attitude to life. Listening is essential in helping provide a tailor made treatment plan. Each plan is thoroughly explained with a full array of options provided. We always provide written estimates for each patient.
During treatment we offer your favourite music, a DVD of your choice and utilise the latest sedative techniques to help make your visit as stress free as possible.
The surgery is fully equipped to provide Sedation whenever needed.
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He really does sound like a lovely dentist..