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Mullingar, Co. Westmeath



Jun 20, 2007
I had some teeth out under GA years ago, and was first sent to the dental hospital - at the back of Trinity College as far as I remember, Nassau St or thereabouts? The humiliating way I was treated for needing GA put me off going back to a dentist for years. Until now in fact. There were a couple of student dentists who nearly fainted at my teeth which looking back were not all that bad for goodness' sake. Everyone was most condescending.

Brendan Higgins Dental, Castle Street, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. 044-9348576. Tell the girl who answers that you're petrified and she'll take it from there. When you get to see Dentist Higgins there are no lectures, no shock at your teeth, no humiliation, just understanding of your phobia and information about sedation. Then suggestions about treatment. I found myself instantly placing my trust in this dentist and his team, and that IV sedation would work for me. It did!

I had a bad moment when I got into the chair and waited for the sedation. I suddently doubted it would work but the dentist assured me it would.

From the first phone call to meeting Dentist Higgins, I just knew I could trust the team at that surgery.

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