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Multiple root decay tooth



Junior member
Jul 13, 2019
Hi, I am from France.

I feel depressed because after a descaling a found multiple small root decay tooth. I didn't see anything before descaling.

But this dentist don't watch decay tooth. And unortunately, I was seing this dentist for 3 years. And he has never searched root decay.

I have a lot of decay tooth since I am child but I have never had this on the visible tooth. It was on molar.

I forgot to go to the dentist last year. But I went to an another dentist last week and he found me 6 decay rooth. He treated me 3 but there is another 3 to treat.

I am asking if I could use curodont repair on this because I don't want to have composite on my visible tooth. I will feel depressed all my life.

In France it doesn't exist. There is a good dentist in England or Germany I can go ?

I feel very depressed I don't go out anymore. There is any hope with my situation ?
Or can I use Icon ? I don't think they use it in France.
Only a dentist that sees your teeth could tell you if you are suitable for Curodont or Icon since it’s suitable for specific stages of decay.

Maybe talk with your dentist regarding how you feel towards getting a composite filing on a visible tooth. He should be able to show you he can do the work in a way that it will be barely, if not at all, visible.
Thanks. He told me it is average tooth decay even if they look like small.
I am searching for the reason I had developped root tooth decay. I used to drink alcohol and soda a lot theses last year (twice a week in disco so a lot of drinks). Is it a possible reason ? I will stop defenitevely alcohol and soda. Alcohol is also bad for the liver so I want to stop it.
Thank you very much. My dentist in french did the job well. I will stop Coca Cola and all soda. And I will brush my teeth twice a day and never forget before sleeping !