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Multiple Wisdom Tooth Extraction



Junior member
Feb 18, 2010
Belfast, Northern Ireland
I recently registered with a dentist, having not had a check up in five years. Following my checkup, he recommended I have three of my wisdom teeth removed (two on the bottom and one on the top). He asked that I make an appointment to have one of these removed by himself (or he could do it immediately) and he would "refer" me to have the other two removed (under sedation). I've now made an appointment for the first to be removed next week.

I am terrified of this procedure as I've never had any significant dental work before. So I've now asked if I could have all three removed in one attempt, so as to reduce the trauma but I've been told that this is not possible. Though I'm not sure why and I have two issues:

Firstly, the proposed approach seem to be prolonging my pain and discomfort. Surely it would be easier to do all three at one time, with only one recovery period and under sedation during the procedure. Plus I'd imagine having two procedures might increase the chance of some complications (by the law of averages).

Secondly, I'm worried that - following the first procedure - there's little chance I'll go ahead with the second procedure. It's going to take a lot of effort for me to attend the first appointment and I doubt I'll be able to go through it again.

Is it possible for me to insist that they are all carried out in one visit?

Or would I be better to get the most necessary extraction done first, in the knowledge that I'm unlikely to agree to go back for more?
I think you are 100% correct, never heard of it not being possible to do all at once, Get another opinion. Ask the surgeon who is doing the other two.

Both of my kids had all 4 badly impacted wisdom teeth removed at once, one of them had 4 other teeth done at the same time = 8 in total in prep for orthodontics. I've also had 4 extractions at once in all 4 corners with one being abscessed and three needing to be surgically extracted.
I think you are 100% correct, never heard of it not being possible to do all at once, Get another opinion. Ask the surgeon who is doing the other two.
Unfortunately I haven't been referred as yet for the second removal so I wouldn't have any surgeon to contact as yet. The receptionist said that they'd refer me after the first procedure.

Is my dentist simply trying to make some money out of this, by insisting on doing the first extraction himself, in contrary to concern for my own welfare? Or does anyone know of some way in which this decision might be for my own health?

It's unfortunate that the confusion surrounding this and the dentist's refusal to do it the way I've suggested has made me even more anxious than before.
Did you get a "why" its not possible?
Did you get a "why" its not possible?
Not as yet, but I'm going to see if I can get this information.
Did you get a "why" its not possible?
I've now been told that the receptionist is going to check with the "specialist" to get an appointment for all three. Perhaps it just needed a little heavier "nudging".

I'm still absolutely terrified of getting any such procedure done, especially with the feedback I've read and heard from others. But it seems likely that it's the lesser of two necessary evils to get it completed in one go.

Thanks for the help.